Residential Request for Information
Why are you conducting this survey?
We require specific property information to complete assessments on behalf of your municipality. We’ve always needed this information, but this is a different method of collecting it than what’s been done in the past. The information is requested to update and to check the accuracy of what we already have.

How did you obtain this information in the past?
Information was gathered over a significant number of years through drive by inspections, site visits, blueprints, permitting information, phone calls and MLS listings.  

So isn’t that good enough, to continue with the previous method?
We’re noticing more and more that homeowners are very protective of their house and their neighborhood. They don’t want an assessor, or anybody for that matter, knocking on their door. Very few people return our calls when we leave a card on the door. We hope the survey will become a less invasive method of obtaining the data that we require to perform this very important public function.

What is being done with this information, what are you using it for?
The information we collect is for assessment purposes only and is for updating/enhancing the information that we currently have on file (ie: number of bathrooms, fireplaces, basement finish, renovations, etc). It will only be used for assessment.

Am I legally required to fill this out?
Your municipality is sending out the survey under Authority of the Municipal Government Act which states that an assessed person must provide the information if requested. If you choose to not send it in, then the assessor may be required to conduct a site visit and/or make certain assumptions about your property.

Will my taxes go up?
Your taxes change yearly based upon the actions of the market and the actions of your municipality with their budget requirements. You may see an increase in your assessment and your taxes if you’ve done substantial renovations that are not currently recognized on the assessment. This would have occurred with or without the survey.

How often will I have to do this?
We expect you will receive this survey once every 4 or 5 years.

Why hasn’t this been done in the past?
This is a relatively new tool that your municipality is now using to collect assessment data. It has recently been tested in other municipalities with good results.